Friday, April 24, 2009


Complex projects, multi- and trans-disciplinary teams, aggressive timelines, tight economic constraints, rising performance standards.

These and many other interrelated factors challenge owners, designers and constructors of buildings to establish effective working practices and also to continually improve them. While technology - these days mainly software - can offer significant advantages to those who adopt and properly apply it, technology is only one aspect of productivity in the AEC industry. We at AEC Connect have found that while software and other appropriate technology can be invaluable in supporting best practice efforts, it is not sufficient to apply it without significant attention to human and organizational factors.

AEC_Connect consulting offers building owners, designers and builders advice regarding Integrated Project Delivery and other AEC business practices requiring and promoting high levels of collaborative work. Our main areas of consultancy are BIM-readiness, Optioneering, and Sense-Making which together address most of the data management, decision making and communication needs.

With our insights and experience we aim to assist our clients in integrating leading-edge technologies with company cultures by bringing to bear a range of skills and techniques including: BIM, parametric/associative modeling, optioneering, multi-criteria and multi-objective optimizations, IPD and other collaborative contract structures, negotiation and communication skills.

For more information see our website ( and feel free to contact us for a discussion of how AEC Connect can help better connect you, your colleagues, staff, clients and others who impact the success of your building projects.

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