Monday, October 10, 2011

AIA (Aus) Seminar Series, BIM – beyond Software

Blog entry by: Dominik Holzer

I’ve been invited by the Australian Institute of Architects to run an Australia wide (see locations and dates below) seminar series on BIM. Titled: BIM, beyond software, I chose to focus on informing participants about the process and changes they are likely to experience when running projects using Building Information Modeling (BIM).

Learning outcomes:
The seminar participant will learn the difference between traditional deliverables and specific BIM requests in project briefs.  The seminar will then explain the impact of BIM deliverables on the work-flow and the design/documentation approach. Attendees will learn to respond to client BIM requests by aligning the services requested with responding in-house activities and ultimately with responding fees for the provision of those services.
Those attending the seminar will get an understanding of how BIM enables them to involve the client (and others) in the planning process facilitated by BIM. This includes the types of communication/visualisation BIM offers to architects who share information with others. The seminar will then point out the affect of BIM on a firm’s team structure and hardware/software infrastructure, as well as the support documentation needed to successfully run BIM projects. Expanding from the in-house team, the seminar will then address issues during multi-disciplinary collaboration with other consultants and it will end with an in-depth account of the  consultant-contractor relationship when using BIM.

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