Wednesday, October 30, 2013

BIM for Interiors, Land Surveyors and Sub-contractors

There are 3 new practice papers available from the joint AIA (Australia) / Consult Australia BIM Steering Group. They are an extension to the 7 Outreach papers that were published last year:
O1 Educating Clients - What to ask for when requesting “BIM”
O2 BIM for Architects and Building Designers
O3 Engineers: What does BIM mean to my business?
O4 Possible uses of BIM for Construction
O5 Quantity Surveyors and Cost Planners: How can BIM improve my business?
O6 Facilities Managers: What benefits are there for me in engaging with a BIM process?
O7 Manufacturers and Suppliers: What can BIM do for my products?

As chair of the BIM & IPD Steering group of the Australian AIA and Consult Australia I had the pleasure to launch 23 Practice Papers back in August 2012.
So far these papers have been downloaded globally over 20.000 times, and we've decided to release three more papers based on feedback we received from industry groups who were keen to be represented as part of this series

You can download these three new documents for free (together with the other 23 documents that were released previously) via the AIA website. A simple login will give you access to the material.

O8: BIM for Interior Designers

Julia Allen, Geyer  /  Dominik Holzer, AEC Connect  /  Edited by Belinda Hodkinson, SKM

The paper points out the key differences in the BIM workflow associated to activities usually undertaken by Interior Designers. It then goes into detail in describing typical model and task subdivisions as well as highlighting the particular processes related to collaboration among Interior Designers and other consultants. The paper further points out the training and staff-skilling requirements in Interior firms who implement BIM, and it specifies protocols for information exchange and data output.

O9: Surveying for BIM

Chris Houghton, Peddle Thorp Architects / David Berry, V-Mark Design  /  Michael Byrne, Hellier McFarland /
Nicholas Davies, Lester Frank  /   Edited by Dominik Holzer, AEC Connect

At the outset it was important to highlight that this paper is dedicated to Land Surveyors and partially also to Civil Engineers (as opposed to Quantity Surveyors).  Surveying for BIM contains essential advice on dealing with data sources and accuracy of information related to the BIM process. The major changes experienced by Land Surveyors in relation to the tools they use (e.g. 3D terrestrial laser scanning) and the associated accuracy/type/format of information they now provide, offers multiple opportunities for interaction with other parties in a BIM context.

The paper outlines recent developments in going form 'Field to Survey information Models' (SIM) by looking at survey and data formats, topography, and features. It then analyses workflows and process changes inherent to new ways of collaboration between Land Surveyors, Civil Engineers, and Consultants, finishing with an analysis of associated briefing requirements.

O10: BIM for Specialist Subcontractors and Trades
Dominik Holzer, AEC Connect  /  Sumit Oberoi, AMCA  / Philip Shanks, Jackson Roxborough  / Craig Kennedy, BSA Limited

There has been substantial progress in Australia for BIM related work undertaken by subcontractors and trades. That progress is not uniform across the industry and the paper highlights challenges as much and it offers possible solutions, based on the experience of leading professional groups and users. There is a strong focus on the processes that ltie 'Design Intent BIM' to 'Construction BIM'  and the associated workflow-changes that are required across disciplines. The paper thereby analyses skills and training requirements, model development pathways, and significant workflow changes that affect the supply chain. The paper ultimately hints at a future where a higher degree of automation and offsite prefabrication may well become the norm for a large number of trades using BIM.

I hope the information we provide assists the entire industry in advancing BIM uptake, be it in Australia or elsewhere. Most of the content in the paper is as relevant internationally as it is here in Australia.I'd like to thank each and every author, editor and reviewer who helped to publish the documents and I look forward to some great feedback about the papers from a global audience.


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